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A Simple Framework for Improving Wellbeing. A Whole School Approach.

Welcome and thank you for reading my website.

I hope you will learn lots from this site but ultimately there is no replacement for getting to know me, so please do pick up the phone and find out what I can do to help you as you seek to improve the well-being in your community.



With the best possible intentions, schools can easily find themselves with a piecemeal approach where staff/guardians/parents/students use different language, interventions and approaches. It has been shown that if schools can use a common, simple framework and language there is a better chance of achieving a community that has good well-being.

One size doesn’t fit all and there is always a place for autonomy and flexibility with the help I provide, each school and individual has different needs and adapting to those is essential. An initial meeting either in person or online is essential to ensure talks and training are aligned with your visions, values, goals, resources and are needs based.

I pose questions.

I facilitate learning.

I support.

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I am based in the UK, but am happy to travel overseas.


“I attended one of Laura’s sessions- a lightbulb moment for many of us listening. The session was underpinned by her passion for the wellbeing of young people; her profound knowledge of both the physiology and psychology of mental health. Her sensitivity, humour and compassion in giving practical methods to best support students within the constraints of a busy school day were invaluable. She combines her wisdom with a deep rooted desire to help support people, setting them up to lead a full and balanced life.”

Assistant Head, Bath School.