Still Minds Education

A Simple Framework for Improving Wellbeing. A Whole School Approach.

What I can do for you:

Staff Training

Stripping away the fear, enormity and mystery surrounding the decline in mental health in young people. Giving all staff who work with students a
robust, simple framework to use that is rooted in evidence based, solution
focused, psychological science. Talks include ; psycho education, psychological safety, role modelling behaviours and will aim to provide a
common language that can easily be extended for Pastoral Leaders. Whilst the training aims to empower staff, it is not an attempt to turn staff into therapists. 

Parent/Guardian Support Meeting

For any parent to watch their child experience poor mental health is can be enormously distressing and yet sadly it is not uncommon. This is a chance to understand the role you can play to get your child on the road to recovery or the steps we can take to avoid these challenges or at least equip them with the tools to cope. This is a meeting for parents based on the talks and training provided for staff and students. 

Student Talks

 A needs based talk rooted in the latest psychological science ensuring that we get the basics right, we understand how our brains work and are able to maintain a healthy emotional balance. Reminding students of the healthy
coping skills they are likely to already have gained, how they can identify why things may go wrong and providing some simple tools to maintain positive well- being.

Setting Up Early Interventions

Using the skills and interventions already in place within the school; giving and sharing ideas to build on these for a consistent, robust approach. Understanding what can be most effective, given the constraints of the
school, staff and time. 

Managers or Leaders

Well done all school Leaders. What a difficult time you’ve all had. 

As schools go back to ‘normal’ it’s important we use this moment in time to make some visionary decisions. Placing well-being at the heart of the school and ‘walking the walk’ has never been more crucial. How can you create workspaces, teams and systems that empower everyone to be the best they can be?

Extending The Conversations

Further training for Pastoral Leaders, extending the framework into further yet equally simple, solution based interventions. Giving teachers confidence when faced with challenging situations. How to have effective
conversations. Allowing students to find their own solutions. Listening
skills. Rehearsing positive outcomes.

Ongoing School Support

Email and or phone support for an academic year. Ideas to keep the framework at the heart of the schools focus. Follow up meetings once a week for the first month, once every 2 weeks after that for a term.

Bespoke Service

All the above will be a bespoke service to suit the issues, needs and challenges faced by your school. Because of this a meeting will be needed prior to the training/talks.